Jersey Java and Tea strives to support you in everything you do. We want you to have the stamina to bring the kids to and from that semi-annual cello recital, easy access to those homemade pastries your mother-in-law can't resist, and the peace of mind that comes with choosing "the little guy." That's why we use locally roasted coffee and make everything ourselves, right here, in-house.

Our baristas are trained in the art of improving your morning, whether that be via cappuccino, macchiato, pourover, Chemex, witty banter, etc. etc. If you aren't sure what you want, chances are, they're already brewing it. They receive training from our roaster to ensure top-notch quality and consistency, and are more than happy to help you figure our your preferences. 

Quality is what matters most to us, but coffee is a pretty close second. 



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